Kids and technology

Fiamma sending an email.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is always on their devices? From phones to pads and laptops or videos. Everywhere I look people are more focused on their phone then human contact.

I’m defiantly concerned that my baby will be obsessed with technology. Young kids today have phones at age 3 to play games or to go to school or the nanny with.

I was sending an email the other day and Fiamma wanted to type really badly! She was having a ton Of fun! She likes to watch Elmo on tv an reaches for my phone whenever I’m texting. I try not to use electronics to distract her or myself from our time together. I was reading an article about how screens are ruining our relationships and it was very interesting! Find that link here

What are your thoughts on this new generation of technological babies? Will you give your kids a phone or a baby iPad for games or is it taking away from real play outdoors and learning and writing as we did as children?


6 thoughts on “Kids and technology

  1. Adorable picture!
    Afraid the use of technology devices is here to stay and will only advance as new ideas imerge.They certainly make life easier, just as the washing machine did for our grandmothers. I think technology can stimulate the intellect, but I worry about reading skills developing for kids today. Who knows technology may have an answer for that in the future.
    As in all things, moderation is the answer. Balance the time used on technology devices with physical activity and appreciation of the arts.

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