How to create a baby registry


If you are pregnant you are probably feeling overwhelmed by all of the stuff your tiny baby will need. If you’re having a baby shower hopefully other people will give you some of these things, but it’s a new age for registries. There are so many websites with so many products! It’s not just babies r us. And it’s not just confusing for mommies, but for family as well. I know mine didn’t like the Internet factor.

So here are my tips for the sites and a few products I loved and some I never used. Keep in mind, people don’t always buy what’s on the list. Baby clothes are very tempting and cute, so prepare for more than you bargained for in that department; as well as blankets.


I used, it’s a site that allows you to link products from any other site. Did you like a crib from amazon, an that organic baby set from baby earth? Don’t worry. Just link them. It’s sort of like pinning on Pinterest. You create a pin, and when you like a product you pin it to the registry. Then everything is in one place. It also has a money option. When people purchase from the site, say amazon for example, they must return to the registry, find the item and click “purchased”. That way no one else can buy it. If you have a smart phone there is also an app that let’s you scan any barcode and add an item from any physical store. The site can also search the web for the cheapest options. So if you put a crib at 400$ but another site has it for 200$, it will change the site.

I liked the site, but as I said, it links to external sites, so my family found it to be confusing and couldn’t figure out how to mark things as purchased! There are several other sites designed like this, but I haven’t used them.

You can also register the old fashion way in stores like buy buy baby or babies r us. The registry will be available online as well.

The has a registry that is similar to myregistry. You can combine from other sites, but only ones they list.
Find that site here.

Other sites that are nice for registering are:
Babies r us
The bump
Buy buy baby
Right start
Pottery barn

items to register for:

I would register for items you really need. Don’t worry about things you can pick up yourself. People want to give things you will use as well as what they are familiar with. Once all of my big items were gone, people were calling me asking what else I would use from the list.

Even if the baby won’t use the item for a few months, it’s better to get it gifted than to get 10 baby towels. You can also get diapers delivered cloth or disposable as a gift. I put cloth diapers on my list but no one got them because they aren’t “cute” to open and honestly no one thought I would really follow through. Which I did! I recommend the following:

a carrier
I have this one and love it, but there is the bjorn an the wraps as well


a stroller
See my post on the sola!


I have this one, but if you don’t have a car don’t worry. However. Hospitals WILL NOT let you leave without one.


baby food maker
I have the babycook and love it, there is also the magic bullet an a few other brands. They have accessories too, which you can ask for. You will save tons on baby food!


nursing pillow
A must for saving your arms. Plus baby can sit in it later.


activity mat
I love the mamas and papas brand because they make noise and play music. Others are super expensive and do nothing. My baby loved it.


breast pump if you’re working you will need this. Get the double pump if you want to express more faster. If you are staying home you might never need it, so a manual one will do just fine. It can elevate swelling breasts and can come in handy if you need to go somewhere.


diaper bag
A staple item


I love the trip trap because it turn into a chair and isn’t an eyesore piece of plastic. It encourages baby to sit with you at the table. Expensive but worth it. The chair, baby seat and cushions are separate.


a play area or pen


baby tub
I have a small apartment so this puj folds flat. It’s a good idea but didn’t fit well in my sink. Will be reviewing it soon. Now my baby is too big for it and I got a new one. I think a sink sling would be fine and cheaper too.


I WISH I got this. I got a crib she never sleeps in. This is looking amazing even now.


A must have. Great for naps, when you need to put baby down, or play. It plays music and vibrates.


Disposable delivered every month, cloth, or a cloth service like diaperkind in Brooklyn ny are fabulous and have gift cards

I also like these things, maybe not for the registry; they are small but could work for people that want to buy group items, like all the bath things or all the feeding things.

I like this bottle because it is suppose to imitate a nipple. My baby hates bottles and she liked this


I had several styles but these are “escape proof” and fast


care kit
Useful items are a thermometer, nail file and clipper, medicine dispenser. If you get a thermometer buy disposable covers, as a rectal temp is most accurate. I have an ear thermometer as well but my doctor said she too young for it.


things you won’t need to register for

Baby wipe warmer-never needed
Bottle warmer- used once
Receiving blankets-got a lot
Crib-unless you will really use it
Changing table
Baby shoes
Swing- pointless
Any room decor -pointless
Crib bedding sets- waste of money
Rocking chair- used my birthing ball, fiamma loves to bounce
Bassinet-used napper
Bumbo seat-used boppy pillow
Diaper genie- gross

buy yourself or wait, you might get some anyway:
Diaper pale and liner
Bibs or burp cloth
Nipple cream
Milk storage bags
Breast pads ( for leaks)
Lotion and soaps ( some babies are sensitive)
Crib sheet or sleeper liner

Hope this helps! Breathe an relax. Your baby really only needs the following: a place to sleep, a place to poop, and food.

Enjoy looking at all the stuff and get the basics. Gift cards are always on offer 😉


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