Helping Moms with Babies


getting around with baby:

I live in Brooklyn, NY, and if you live in a city, you might be having the same problems I have getting around. The fact is not everywhere is “baby friendly”. From the subway to the park, supermarkets to brownstones, restaurants to sidewalks, Getting around is an adventure that will leave you hot, sweaty and worse for the wear.

I purchased a pretty light stroller, only 20lbs, but add my baby an a few groceries and its a workout. My building has an elevator, but that’s pretty useless as the front entrance only has about 20 marble stairs and a handicap only lift.
At first my doormen would come around and help me manage my descents. I felt a little bad as they are all around 60 years old, but I can’t lift myself. They seemed ok with it at first, but started to give me seriously nasty looks after about a month.
I’ve seen some of my buildings super nannies tear down the stairs by just pushing, but I still haven’t mastered that, and it looks kind of dangerous….

Around the town I have to fend for myself with doors of all kinds and hope a friendly stranger will come to my aid. Not the biggest task to do solo, but I have been helped by several people.

Once inside the stores however, is a death trap labyrinth of aisles strewn with boxes and deliveries, carts, other strollers, children, and worse, these new “child carts” that are small for your kid to push and feel involved in the shopping, but really means they race down the aisles crashing into your legs.

It’s pretty tough to navigate! City delis and stores are small! I never realized! And some store are off limits as they have stairs or metal steps with heavy doors. Some of my favorite shops are now impossible to enter.

The sidewalks are like playing chicken. Who will flinch first: me or the 5 yr old on the razor scooter! Haha. And it’s surprising how many crosswalks don’t have a ramp to get on an off! Even at designated crosswalks!


That brings me to the nightmare of the NYC metro. I have never realized how hard it must be for handicap people to get around. Very few stops have elevators. Certainly my local stops do not. If I want to go to the lower east side I’m pretty sure I have to go to 14th street, over 15 block away. Plus you are not suppose to bring on an open stroller.
When I was sans baby, I always glared at people who didn’t follow this rule, but as a stroller mommy I realize how impossible it is to take the baby out, carry her and the things we have and fold the stroller, carry it on and balance on the car?! No way!

Basically I need to just take her out in my ergo carrier, but she really loves to nap in the stroller. Plus I can stay out longer, go farther, and buy groceries.

This all comes down to my final doorman confrontation, when I received a note stating the doormen weren’t allowed to help women with strollers because of legal repercussions. I totally understand that reasoning, but that means I either have to learn to super nanny my stroller up and down, or just use my ergo now. What a total bummer. I jus think its common curtesy to help with the strollers, like offering your seat to a pregnant lady, which also didn’t happen to often.

Living in a big city does have perks, but certainly has its pitfalls as well. I can suck up certain things, but I’m all about helping other people. I always try to help mamas, the elderly and pregnant ladies, also puppies, because they’re so cute! So I hope my karma will come back to me, and people will pay forward that help as well!


3 thoughts on “Helping Moms with Babies

  1. I wish I had a good suggestion, but I really don’t. It sounds like a bit of a nightmare. I love my Ergo, but lugging groceries whilst baby wearing? No thanks…. my stroller is the size, and as impossible to manage as the Titanic, so I’d be all kinds of screwed!

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