Root vegetable baby food recipe



1 small sweet potato
1 small parsnip
2 small carrots

Makes about 15 servings

Wash peel an chop your items! I buy organic for my baby. I want her to get the best most nutrient rich food and defiantly no chemicals and GMOs for my bunny!


I have the Baeba babycook but you can use a pot too, or the baby bullet is another new product. There are so many mommy items it’s just crazy!

If you are using a pan, add about a cup of water, cover and let cook for about 10-15 minutes until the veggies slide off a fork.

The babycook recommends level 3 water for the steamer. Just put in the veggies and turn it on. After its done cooking, pop in your blender Or back in the babycook blender and purée until smooth. Add more water to thin out for little babies, or leave chunky for older tots.


You can serve right away, which is best, or freeze. It will e good for about 3 weeks. I just used classic ice cube trays. I have the Baeba tray too, but it freezes larger portions.


Just defrost as needed! For babies 6-8 months like my baby, it’s recommended around 2-3 feedings a day. Talk with your doctor for your specific needs, but try a fruit and a veggie dish! Babies like variety.



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