Apple Pear Baby Food


1 apple peeled and cored
1 pear peeled and cored
Pinch cinnamon


Wash and chop the fruit. I used organic gala apples because they are sweet and a pear d’anjou, which is also sweeter.
Chop the fruit into cubes. It doesn’t matter how clean the chop but the more similar the chunks the more evenly it will cook.


I have a Beaba babycook. I just started using it and it is amazing. It’s so easy to use. It steams, blends, and defrosts. It has easy to follow instructions. I will do a post on this product as a review soon!
But not to worry you can use a saucepan if you don’t have one.

Put the chopped items into the steam basket or into the saucepan. Add the pinch of cinnamon.

Turn on the machine until the light goes out, or cook in the pan for about 10 minutes until the fruit is translucent and falls from a fork.

Next, take the cooked fruit and put into your blender. If you have the babycook, just remove the steam basket and put back into the blender chamber.

Pulse the fruit until smooth. For younger babies you can keep the extra liquid that has run off or add more water to make it smoother. Mine was quite runny as Fiamma is 6 months. Drain off the liquid or leave a bit chunky for older babies.


This recipe makes 5-6 servings and Is perfect to freeze. I have a babea freezer tray, but I use ice cube trays too. Be sure to cover the tray in a wrap before freezing.


It should last about 3 week in the freezer. Then just defrost and reheat as needed. It’s a yummy easy recipe that most all babies love.

If your starting out like me, give new foods every 3 days to test for allergies. And keep in mind babies haven’t tasted food before, and like more than our average bland foods, so experiment and don’t be afraid!

The beauty of making your own is you can use whatever you are making for yourself, so it’s easy and practical for busy moms. This recipe cost under 3 dollars for 6 servings. That’s compared to 3$ a jar for some high end foods. And you know exactly what’s inside this way!

I will be posting a lot of these soon!
Hope your baby and you both enjoy!


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