Diaper Pail Liner DIY


What you will need:

1 yard of PUL fabric
Sewing machine
Scissors or fabric cutter
Mat for fabric cutter
1/2 inch elastic band

I love to create things and do little projects! I grew up helping my dad fix things and make things. Anything that broke in the house, we just fixed it. Not like today where people don’t know how to use tools or even see a hem!

If you don’t know how to sew, it’s really easy to learn. There are lots of classes around and it’s a fun hobby and technique to have under your belt.

This bag can be used for cloth diapers as well a for wet clothes or as a hamper or even as a general pale liner for your garbage. If you don’t have a baby it would work really well as a swim suit laundry bag! They are available online from companies like planet wise, and I actually have one of theirs which I love! But I saw this fabric and wanted to make another.


making your bag:

Lay out your fabric pattern side down. Measure the piece 54″ across and 28″ tall an trim to these dimensions using your scissor or cutter.



Next, fold the fabric lengthwise pattern sides together. Pin up the open edges. You should have two of the three open sides pinned. These will be your bags side and bottom.


Sew these pinned sides leaving about 1/2 inch seam. I went back and sewed an additional zig zag stitch against the original stitch to re-enforce the seams.


Next you will trim the extra fabric away from your stitches leaving about 1/4 inch of fabric.

putting in elastic:

This step is pretty simple. Take your elastic and measure a piece about 34″ long. Put a safety pin in one end an set aside.

Take your bag, which is still inside out and fold the top half down about 3/4 of an inch and pin around the edge. Stitch this seam closed with your machine but make sure you leave a one inch hole; don’t close the seam completely!


Now take the safety pin edge of the elastic and thread it through your seam. Use the safety pin like a needle and push it all the way around the top. Make sure the tail end stays out. When the pin comes through to the other end, join it to the tail end. Overlap the ends about one inch and sew them together. This will form a circle with your elastic, and when you release it it will disappear into your sewn seam! Then go back in and close that little hole that you left open in the seam!



That’s it! Turn the bag right side out an use in any pail! You can wash it in a machine on a warm/cold cycle and line dry.

I love cloth diapering. It’s so easy and there area lot of really cute items out there, but I couldn’t resist the dinos!! For my blog on cloth diapers see here.

Enjoy your bag and cloth diaper!


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