Veggie medley juice



2 apples
1/2 cucumber
4 carrots
Small Bunch spinach
Small bunch kale
4 stalks celery


Wash all veggies and cut to fit your juicer. This makes enough for 4 glasses of juice, so you can cut in half if you like. We made a lot because my husband was cleansing and took some to work.

This juice is great for staying healthy as part of your everyday diet. It includes some staples in juicing.


The cucumber has lots of water and yields quite a bit of juice. It’s full of electrolytes and will keep you hydrated. It’s great for skin an hair, and can also be good for a hangover…..;)

Celery is also full of hydrating h2o! It’s good for your blood pressure and has alkaline properties, that help your blood. It’s also good to have when breastfeeding, not only for hydration but also for vitamins. It has a great supply of vitamin k. (Newborns are required to have this in shot form bc they don’t had sufficient amounts, so mommies can drink up!)

The apples and carrots add a sweetness that compliments the greens. Overall it’s a light and refreshing juice that is packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for any diet.

This juice will help digestion and detox your system but also give you nutrients to build up your system. I don’t always eat my kale so drinking it works great for me!

It’s so important to stay not only hydrated, but to get nutrients that your body might be loosing in the heat. It’s over 90•s f this week, so we will be having this juice a lot.

If you want to save your juices you can use citric acid. It’s available in health food stores in the baking areas. It will keep the juice fresh, although it is still best to drink the same day, if not right away.


This is the kind I have. I just add to the juice and then keep it in glass jars until I’m ready! Simple.

Oh, and today was our first swim class! pictures and a post about that to come!

Enjoy your juice!



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