Cashew Milk by Blueprint


Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I’ve been working on some great new recipes and I want them to be perfect (taste testing rocks!) before I post them!

In the meantime, what better to do when baking but drink healthy juices?

I’ve bought a few items from the company Blueprint before, but this one is my favorite! Why? Because its tasty and healthy!

Now we all know there are good fats and bad fats, and nuts are definitely a good fat! Cashews have mainly unsaturated fat, the same kind you find in olive oil! Great for your cardiovascular system.
When I first bought this milk I said oh god! I’m not drinking this it’s full of fat! But please don’t let that throw you! It has 2 servings, so just drink half and save! (Although its yummy and hard to resist)


Native to Brazil, this nut grows in many places in the modern world.


See that green part on the bottom? There is your nut!

These nuts in raw, un-salted form are excellent for your mental health and for people with diabetes! This little nut can lower your triglycerides. People who eat nuts 1-4 times a week are at lower risk for coronaries, and blood illnesses in general.
And studies are showing that people who eat nuts are actually less likely to gain weight or be obese! They help with bone growth and strength due to magnesium, and can help prevent gallstones, which no one wants….


Helping to keep your body healthy is so important and having a healthy body promotes a healthy mind! And cashews can help your mind too.
Having a small serving can ward off depression an anxiety. Don’t believe me right? Well, this nut can boost your
tryptophan levels. This turns into niacin, an acid in your body that helps your neurotransmitters. Very scientific, I know. Basically they help your brain stay balanced. Pretty amazing for such a little nut!

I would recommend this milk to anyone. It’s so tasty and good for you, or just have a few cashews every day! Or you can make your own milk, which I will
definitely be trying!



One thought on “Cashew Milk by Blueprint

  1. Me parece muy saludable.y un sabor delicioso
    Te felicito por tus conocimienyos de.las vitaminas y para que sirve cada fruta y vegetal sigue educandonos que yo soy tu fan!

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