Carrot/Apple Juice

Tres Amigos


I call this juice the Tres Amigos because its three basic ingredients create a perfect harmony of good health for your body!

2 apples (I used gala this time)
3 medium carrots
1 orange


Wash each item well. Cut all to fit your juicer. Remove the seeds from the apples, but you can leave the skin.

This is a really simple but tasty juice. I drink it often because I’m breastfeeding and it gives me extra vitamins and keeps me hydrated.

For such a simple juice it has a lot to offer. I’ve touched on the benefits of citrus and apples before, but Carrots are really great for juicing. They are naturally sweet an you an add them to any juice that you might find too bitter.

Carrots are great if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, of have a weak immune system. They are also really good for children, as they help with the growth of healthy bones. They are great for your skin an your eyes!
They are a good source of vitamin A which is great for your liver and eyes. They are a good source of vitamin B, C, E and beta-carotene.

New studies are linking carrots to the prevention of certain cancers such as colon cancer. Carrots have a compound that prevents their roots from growing fungi. Lab tests are showing that this compound in diets lowers colon cancer rates.

And of course carrots are said to have anti-aging properties. They have vitamins that help keep your skin looking great! We ladies spend so much on beauty products to keep us looking fresh and young, who knew that carrots could help too?!

Have this juice anytime. It will keep you energized and feeling good. It’s kind of a “keep the doctor away” mix!



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