Sola Stroller Review


Ok, so you are pregnant and now you are looking at all the crazy items you will need for your baby! And it seems like babies need a separate apartment for all the items they need. One thing people swear they either can’t live without or never used is a stroller.

I personally use my stroller every day! I love taking walks and I tend to walk very far. But there are literally hundreds of options. So we had a tough time looking for the right one.
IT seems everyone either has a running stroller, the bugaboo, or the uppababy. They can go from 500-1000$ depending on How you kit it out. Yes, like a high end sports car, you can add endless accessories to trip out your baby vehicle.

We got the Sola by Mamas and Papas because:
A. It’s super light, only 20lbs
B. it’s not as expensive, starting at 400$
C. It’s cute!


The company is British and has only brought their products state side in recent years. They have a lot of cute products, but their customer service is in England. I called the “American” line but they told me I had to wait until the English service opened an deal with them. And I couldn’t reach them via telephone. The email service was curt. Basically they aren’t very helpful. So that’s a downside.

The stroller itself is pretty great. It comes with the stroller system itself, that features a rotating seat position (chair faces front or back), 3 levels of the carriage seat: going from fully reclining to fully seated, a foot rest for larger children(it seats up to 50lbs) and it also includes a rain cover and removable child handle bar.
The main handle bar snaps to adjust to any position, which is great!
The sun shade goes all the way back and forward 3 positions and gives great coverage.
The wheels lock in place or open to swivel 360•. But I don’t know why you would lock them. They give great mobility and I’ve taken it over park lawns too and had no trouble.

The space under the carriage is pretty large but shallow.


Shown here, I can usually get a few grocery bags under there.

It collapses and opens really easily, but you can only do so when the chair is facing outwards.

If you are wanting a bassinet, you may purchase one separately for around 130$.


I opted to use the original chair and added the footmuff to give it a Bassinet feel. I didn’t have any issues with that. My baby was 8lbs and fit perfectly. I think it’s more about the aesthetic look of the basket that people like. Here is a picture of the carriage fully reclined.


And here with my baby:


I think the bassinet is not really necessary. But looks cute.

The footmuff I purchased was 80$ and can be used as a liner in summer. Not to be confused with the other liner that can be bought for around 20$.
The difference is that the footmuff is for warmth but unzips completely, leaving a separate liner, where as the liner alone is just that. If you have the foot muff, you dot need the other liner.


The footmuff was a great purchase. It’s really warm and soft, and the liner is so cute. In the first pictures above of the purple strollers, the original seats are orchid colored. The liner I have adds the hood pattern onto the seat. As in the picture just above. You can see the patterned liner matches the inside of the sun shade.

Another feature that is an extra but is the cup holder. I hate this!!!


It is super small. It fits onto the side of the car and snaps in really nice. In my picture you can see it holds a can well. It really fits a small water bottle only. If I get an iced coffee it doesn’t fit and the top always explodes off. It also hits door frames when walking since its on the side. It doesn’t really work well for me at all. I would have rather gotten a generic brand that I could put on The handle Of the stroller.

There is also an umbrella which I don’t have because its 50$, and I don’t think I need that at all. For extra sun protection I just push the seat all the way up so that the shade covers the baby, or I wrap my swaddle blanket around the top.

I also have the graco car seat adapter. It is really easy to use and was about 40$. It makes car travel really easy and stress free. They also have an adapter for maxi cosi car seats. You just pop this device onto the frame, and then pop on the car seat!


All in all I think it’s a great stroller. It’s light and easy for me to control. She seems super comfortable in it and its really easy to fold. The only things I don’t like are that with all the accessories it costs around 600$, but that’s still significantly cheaper than other strollers. And also the wheels; they are working fine after 5 months, but look really worn. They aren’t air filled tires, but just flat rubber wheels so we will see how they go. Other people have said they had wheel issues, like stuck wheels, wheels that won’t rotate, or too worn out. They make replacement wheels you can get from customer service, and the wheels do just pop right off (you will see when assembling what I mean) but as the customer service is a bit lacking, I’m not looking forward to dealing with them.

I would defiantly recommend this stroller to anyone, but especially to city dwellers who want something more compact that they can easily carry themselves up and down subway stairs, that folds easily for apartments and car trunks, and is available in new fun colors and prints!! I give it a 4 out of 5.
It’s available at babies r us and on amazon!

Fiamma with the seat fully upright

Hope that helps, enjoy your stroller and take lots of walks!


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