Brooklyn Street Fair


Smith Street Fair:

It’s officially summer in NYC and part of the fun is all the things that pop up to do outside! Today is one of several fairs on Smith Street. One of the most popular is on Bastille Day, as there is a large French population that frequents the bistro here.

We started out with the baby gear and baby in stroller and it was HOT! We left early, the fair started at 11:30am. We figured there would be less people and easier stroller navigation….

I don’t know about you, but I never make it to fairs until the end and by then everything is sold out. The good food is gone, the drinks are out and the streets are packed. It was nice to have so many options. There were two bands setting up as well as a few beer gardens and a mojito booth!
As with all fairs there were a lot of jewelry stalls and crepe trucks and funnel cake, but a lot of hipper new places too! Stinky cheese had a stall a well as the new seafood place Kittery on Smith.


There was also a really cool cactus/terrarium booth and I really had to restrain myself. I love my cactus garden. Maybe because I went to school in Arizona, and terrariums are so awesome!


I love to walk and just check out the handmade goodness. Everything is so nice you just have to have it even though you will never actually use that hand woven African basket you just had to buy……


If you live nearby it was a nice fair. We got a watermelon lemonade for me an a mojito for my husband from the clover club booth and they were great! Yummy and so refreshing!

We had to head back after only a little bit because its way to hot out for the baby. Even with her fan she was totally miserable. We came home and gave her a nice cool bath.

I’m looking forward to many more Brooklyn afternoons in the neighborhood and the park. I have to take it easy with baby, but she does love the park.
There is a really cool food fair coming up in prospect park, so hopefully we can check it out and do a write up!

Enjoy the summer!


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