Brooklyn Bridge Park


Today we went to the park! It’s a pretty far walk, but we were meeting with a friend and it was so beautiful outside! I try to go out everyday with the baby, but usually it’s no more than an hour. Today’s trip was a bit longer.

So what do you need for a day out of the house? For such a tiny girl we needed quite a bit!

Stroller, back up diapers and dirty diaper bag, changing pad, hat, sunglasses, blanket, wipes, cream, burp cloth, toys, baby fan, and of course food, which is me…

It was hot out and sunny. My doctor recommends that I not use sunscreen until she is at least 6 months, so I covered her up with a light blanket.
She really liked the baby fan, which Is basically a portable fan I got myself years ago.

We set up under some trees and she just loved them!! It’s amazing how something as simple as the blowing leaves are wondrous to a baby.

She was a good girl overall with a cranky moment in the middle. It’s hard to get her to nap without a feeding or a push in her stroller. Does anyone else have this problem? She likes to feel me next to her when she’s asleep unless she’s in the stroller.

The good thing about a day trip is that she is tired from the day and ready for bed right on time at night.

While we were out I got a juice to stay hydrated. I had a juice smoothie in the morning as well.


This juice was on sale for $6. It’s a newer company I’ve seen here in NY and it was pretty good, but I always feel I can juice better myself. This one in particular tasted mostly of grapefruit. It boasted goji berries, which I love, so I was dying to try! I give it a 2 out of 5. Not worth the price, even with the goji berries.

Goji berries if you don’t know are one of the most nutrient rich foods on earth! They are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. They are native to southern china, and are a great vegan treat!

If you live in NY head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s almost done! There were a lot of people, but we found a nice shady spot pretty fast. The kayaking area is open, as are the volleyball and soccer fields. The water park is on full blast for the kids an the carousel is fun for everyone! The middle section is the only incomplete part, but hopefully it will be done this year? Enjoying the second day of summer in NYC!



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