Sweet Potato Supercombo



1 Med/lg sweet potato
2 carrots (or you can use yellow heirloom for a seasonal summer twist!)
2 apples

1 teaspoon maca

Juice the above fruits and add the maca at the end.

Sweet potatoes are super easy to digest, high in fiber, beta carotene and help soothe your tummy. They have an alkalizing effect on body, meaning they effect the acidity levels of your system. This is thought in holistic medicine to prevent disease or infection in the body, such as cancer, kidney stones, or urinary tract infections.


*the sweet potato is actually NOT a member of the potato family! It is part of the morning glory or Convolvulaceae, where as a potato is nightshade.

*above: sweet potato flower

Carrots are high in vitamins and minerals. They help your immune system, skin, digestion, and even hair!

The apples give the juice a light fresh taste. They make a great base in any juice, but in our Supercombo they really add that detoxifying element, lowering your cholesterol and helping your skin get that “glow”.

Maca is a superfood from the Andes. It is packed with potassium, low in sodium. Has a healthy mix of iron manganese, iodine as well as 19 amino acids. ( + it’s said to be an aphrodisiac)

Please buy organic and fresh! This juice is great for a detox as it will help to restore essential vitamins to your body as well as even out your system!



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