Red detox juice



1/2 beet
3 apples
2 kale leaves

You can leave it like this or add 1/2 a cucumber for added electrolytes! Or add a bit of coconut water to lighten it up as well!

This juice is a great detox mix and is good for your skin! It is full of beta carotene, folic acid, potassium and vitamins c and b3.

The apples will help to sweeten the taste of the greens so don’t be afraid of kale! The beet has a more earthy taste and is full of vitamins. Beets are amazing for cleaning your blood.

For the apples I like to use Braeburn because they are very crisp and full of juice, but you can use Granny Smith or discovery as well. Make sure you wash all your fruits and veggies before use and cut to fit your juicer. The apples can keep the skin but I like to core the seeds.

When choosing your ingredients try to go for the freshest and organic if you can. Local fruit stands and markets always have what’s best in season and you will be supporting local farms.

Juice goes directly into your system so you get the benefits and vitamins right away, unlike solid fruits and veggies which have to go through the digestive process first.

I have a champion juicer and I love it, but there are so many options out there for every kind of budget, so you can always experiment and upgrade from there.

I will do a post on the benefits of juicing and am working on a glossary of terms and ingredient to make everyone’s life easier, but for now enjoy your juice!!


6 thoughts on “Red detox juice

  1. I just bought a juicer so I’m trying to collect recipes! Will add this one. I’ve never had kale but I’m going to try it

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